Instant boon

Dave Boon woke up late, that morning. Had been spending some extra minutes in bed, while the rain outside was pouring down and the sound of the traffic went up to his flat, seventh floor in 7th Avenue, Manhattan.
Got out of bed, switched on his Mac before doing anything else. Before having coffee, that was so compulsory for his body.
Had a look at the breaking news on the web: wars, marriage of nobles, sport. Usual stuff.
Then he saw his own face on the screen.
Dazed Dave.
He was greeting a crowd in front of him, with flags and posters all around. Technically, that was the cover picture of an instant book just released.
– It’s not me! I mean – he was trying to convince himself – it looks like me… but it’s not me!
He had a look at the caption. Apparently, that man was the new dictator of a small and rich middle east country.
Dave knitted his brows. He thought of the jokes and popularity on the workplace, for that. Dave sneered. Then he saw himself in a night show, getting money out of this resemblance. Dave smiled. Then he saw himself in a hole in the desert, a gun bullet flying towards his forehead. Dave wasn’t smiling anymore.


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